02 November 2011

Engagement Welcome Signage

Welcome signage ini 100% handmade by my fiance, really!!! My fiance offer his self untuk buat welcoma signage and easel stand sekali. Pada permulaannya saya nak beli easel tapi agak mahal and selepas my fiance teliti betul-betul, dia cakap senang je buat, so he offer to do it. Then I pun OK je lah kan. I trust at him that he can do it. Finally he manage to do easel like easel available at art shop. Thanks to my fiance make my dreams come true.

About the signage design pula, I tunjuk sample design yang I nak pada my fiance, then he try to fulfill my dreams. He used Photoshop software after done my fiance tunjuk pada I, then need juat a little bit changes then we send printing for A1 size paper. Printing we send at Seksyen 2 Shah Alam. Just 10 minutes for printing. The outcome really beautiful and nice. I like it.

Easel we open for rent, and design signage also we accept if you all interested. Can email me nadhirahfatin@yahoo.com for quotation or just wait for another post on rental items tab up there.


gadizgula said...

i did 1 for me too...

Fatin Nadhirah said...

that nice...can share your one

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