19 April 2011

Make-Up Tips and Advice: Asian Women

  1. For Asian skin tone it´s always good to use foundation and powder with a yellow undertone. Although many Asian women believe they need to wear pink makeup shades to counteract their natural skin tones, this creates a very unnatural, outdated look. Using yellow-based products do not make Asian women look more yellow, but rather they produce a natural, flawless look that is modern and beautiful.
  2. The most important factor in deciding what color and how to apply eye shadow is to take into consideration the amount of fold you have above the eye lid. If you possess a fair amount of fold, then you can boldly apply dramatic colors such as black, deep purple, deep turquoise (really stunning) and navy blue for night time wear and utilize the technique of multilayering colors. Colors that are especially flattering for daytime wear are bronze and light colors applied close to the lashes while more intense colors are blended on top.
  3. Asian women look really nice in Smokey color eye shadows. The colors are purples, lavenders, pinks and for Smokey eyes, gray and charcoal. I recommend the following eye shadows: Eclipse, Grapevine or Mystic trios from Bren Cosmetics. Use a charcoal (Raven) or an Onyx (gray) eyeliner on your upper eyelid only. Use Black or Charcoal mascara. For your checks you will want to stay with a natural look such as Bordeaux blush glow (natural pink) and also go with natural color for your lips. I recommend you try Persuade or Timeless Lip Twins from Bren Cosmetics too.
  4. Colosé Cosmetics are very popular in Taiwain and South Korea. Our top selling foundation in Asian countries is Caprice.
  5. Asian eyes: Apply highlighter under the brow. Use light shadow on the inner half of the lid and a darker color on the outer half.
  6. Asian women should use hair products that are light and contain natural ingredients because they tend to have heavier, straighter hair.


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