07 April 2011

How to know the lifespan of your make-up


  1. When you keep mascara more than say 4 to 6 months it can start to smell funny as well as adding more clumps to your lashes than color. If you notice either a funny smell or massive clumps (or both) then you know it's time to replace it. You definitely don't want to take any chances with eye products which can cause infection from bacteria. To keep your mascara from becoming a haven for bacteria make sure to close it tightly after each use. Never share mascara with anyone since you can transfer bacteria from one person to another. Teens are likely to swap make-up so make sure you stress the importance of not sharing.
  2. Lipstick can still be good up to approximately 8 months after purchase. Look for signs that it no longer applies like it first did or if it gets gooey or smells rubbery. Naturally toss your lipstick if you notice cold sores or any other type of infections.
  3. Eye shadow that are cream based will generally last for about 1 year. Look for signs that your cream based eye shadow is thicker or smells funny. Then it's time to replace it. Any powder based eye shadow can last up to two years. Look for signs of it getting crumbly and then you know it's time for another. You can prolong your eye shadow if you use cotton swabs when applying. Avoid any direct sunlight and keep away from heat and definitely away from the humidity of the bathroom if you can.
  4. Your foundation can last for a year if you keep it out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Try using cotton swabs when dipping into the bottle and if you use a compact type foundation try washing the little sponge every few weeks. You'll know that your foundation is ready to replace if your liquid foundation starts to separate or if your compact foundation develops a rubbery smell.
  5. Pencil eyeliners have a longer lifespan than liquid. If you use a liquid eyeliner it's usually ready to replace in 6 mos or sooner if it gets thick or smells. A pencil eyeliner will last longer and be less of a breeding ground for bacteria if you sharpen it every few days.
  6. Tips & Warnings

    • When you buy any new make-up have a small notebook handy where you can enter the date you bought it. Keeping track of how old your make-up is will help you know when it's time to replace it.
    • Make sure to keep all your make-up away from heat and sunlight
    • Never store your make-up in the bathroom as the humidity can lessen the lifespan of your products


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