25 October 2012

Honeymoon Booked - Confirm !

Rasa bersyukur sangat dengan rezeki yang datang. Alhamdulillah hajat saya untuk berbulan madu di tuuuuut bakal tercapai. Still remember with this post. My fiance dah booked for flight and hotel too, surprise!!! Dia x inform me about this, buka email then see ada notification for flight  and hotel booking. At first nak delete je those email, ingat spam yang MAS/Airasia hantar promotion, tapi agak pelik selalu Airasia kan ni MAS Airlines.

Destination need to be secret first, after balik honeymoon Inshallah I will review about it. I do not know why I am in love with this place. This place quit famous with the romantic environment. Then not too far from Malaysia as well, untuk honeymoon jauh-jauh need to plan after this. So excited lol! ^.~ sampai lupa sebentar pasal persiapan.

There are certain place that we have list out for our honeymoon destination. But I am really consider about food, adakah senang untuk dapat makanan halal. Saya x mau la nanti tercari-cari then rasa was-was with the food. Maklumlah tempat yang x biasa kan. So slowly saya nak buat research and read review dari blog. So bila sampai sana x lah terpinga-pinga mana mau pergi.

Lastly thanks to my fiance, I loved it and appreciate it. Hope we will make it memorable time for us. {love} +_+


Chekgu Azrine said...

Wow..bali ke?bestnya!!

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