30 November 2011

Wedding Talk

Not I'm preparing my wedding pulak, of course it's too early orang cakap, tapi lantak la apa depa nak cakap pun, yang aku tahu apa yang aku hajatkan apa yang aku idamkan semua bakal tercapai hendaknya, Insyallah Allah permudahkan segalanya. So here I would like to share with you all some of blog that saya dah review, of course la blog orang yang sudah lepas event weddingnya, so they review their wedding matters. Most of them already have baby and mom to be. But their wedding nampak sangat sempurna dan sangat meriah. I like very much their idea can be adapt to my wedding nanti.

Blog Pn Tahirah, really like her nikah outfit, really nice and gorgeous, her nikah attire from Syomir Izwa and her makeup also very natural look from Tiar Zainal if not mistaken. Look her gorgeous look for her nikah ceremony, awesome !!!

Blog Puan Heed, love her reception dress from Sharifah Kirana that lokk very simple end elegent with soft color, and her doll look from Sue Cantik, she's very friendly person. Nice to chat with you. Her hand bouquet also very unique from Theme of Que Rafael. Congratulation!!!

Blog Pn Ann, love her wedding concept I think their pelamin concept from Reka Teemor (modern + vintage), lain dari yang lain and really nice. Her makeup also nice from Kak Liza (Saidatulnisa assistant) dan Ian Sham. Like it!!!

Blog Pn Liyana, her makeup from Amy Ameera, her attire nikah and both reception attire from my previous engagement designer Najib Salman. Her solemnization was held at Dewan Nikah Masjid Wilayah. Dais from Dina Halim Bridal Boutique.

Blog Pn Sabby, her nikah decoration really make me fall in love, but her nikah was held in dewan. I really like the theme like autumn season, sakura flower, etc. Good job for her nikah decorator. Merisik Gallery? Beautiful!!!

Blog Pn Sue her attire from Syomir Izwa very cun and very lawa, makeup by Sue Cantik and really cantik like a doll.

As a conclusion, I have to plan my wedding from now to look gorgeous like them, but money also need to be gorgeous lah kan. Just ikut budget anda jangan sampai berhutang pula. So anda boleh review blog mereka yang sudah melangkah ke alam rumahtangga. Have a nice visit.


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