19 September 2011

Review: Ole-ole Bali

Last Saturday was my birthday, then my beloved took me to dinner to a place that is very interestingWant to know where that place. We eat here.

Ole-Ole bali located in Solaris, Mont Kiara. This place is exclusive and the food served isvery tempting and so delicious. There is no loss to you that want to invest the money toeat in the shop. Food here may be familiar but to feel a little different with the food in Malaysia.

This is the food and beverage that we have ordered, but I really apologize for not remember the name of this menu because it sounds really strangeBut it now isdrink itnowThe atmosphere is very comfortable in the store, you can choose to sit at a tableand chairs or sitting cross-legged on the tableWe select sat cross-legged.

So you can bring anyone to try the food here. Thanks to my beloved one Ramzee Yusof because spend eating and celebrating my birthday at Ole-Ole Bali. You all can visit here for more information and for reservation (click here).


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