17 October 2012

Honeymoon Tips

Honeymoon Tips
  • You are on your honeymoon and just about all the world loves a couple in love. Hotels, restaurants and even airlines are famous for spoiling honeymooners with freebies and upgrades, so be sure to tell everyone you’re newlyweds!
  • Plan at least one, very special meal for the two of you to get dressed-up to dinner together
  • Consider a spa day for two with relaxing massages and decadent body treatments.
  • Bring along clothes that truly make you feel sexy and attractive. Surprise your mate with a new ensemble that will knock him out. A sexy new bikini or sexy sleepwear can make the moment.  ^_~ love
  • Check with your travel agent and your hotel to be sure there are not loud, obnoxious or enormous events scheduled during your planned honeymoon period.
  • Don’t be shy about getting some extra hours of sleep in the arms of your honey, napping by the beach or lounging for hours on end by the pool. It’s tempting to jump in and see all the sites right away, but take time to relax as well.
  • Be a savvy traveler and watch out for your things and each other as you travel in a new place. Don’t trade romantic honeymoon days for hours of paperwork at a local police station.
  • Set a tentative budget. Talk about your expectations and priorities from the very beginning and decide what you might splurge on and where you might cut corners.
  • Splurge on whatever accommodations you choose. No matter what type of package you choose, you will spend an enormous amount of time in your room. Make it special, make it unforgettable


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