24 May 2012

DIY: A Fabric Corsage

Actually I'm looking for DIY corsage for my wedding, then I found this one that really cute and easy to DIY too. So here you are to share with you all, lets try together. After try can share your picture in Fatin Nadhirah Bride Journey FB page.

Start by cutting strips (they do not have to be perfect or totally uniform in width, just keep them relatively the same in length) of fabric. It doesn't take much to make these, so it's great for using up scraps you have lying around. You can also mix and match fabrics too!

Layer the strips in a criss-crossed manor...doubled up two strips per layer, but there is no rhyme or reason to how you do this step.

Once they're all layered, do a big pinch to gather the layers together. Use a couple dabs of hot glue to keep the layers in place before did this. Then get out a needle and thread for a really quick rough stitching...

Just did a couple of big stitches where the fabric pinched to hold the gathers and pieces all together. Then repeated the entire process with a coordinating fabric...

Made the complimentary rosette slightly smaller than the original (just cut shorter strips). Then hot glue the rosettes in a cluster onto a pin, and cover your glue with a piece of fabric backing for a finished look.


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