10 January 2012

Modern Dais from Filmshotartifact

Looking for modern, simple and dais lain dari yang lain. Here I want to share with you all, presenting.....taaadaaa

Services include D.I.Y wedding, crafts, designs, graphics, photography, cinematography.

Service based in Klang Velly.


noreen natasha said...

cantik nyer..even simple but so nice :)

Fatin Nadhirah said...

yes...simple...just used craft method je DIY pown bole kan kalo gigih n rajin melampau

zaza said...

sukenye.. simple but have their own aura.. Mybe my wedding dais just like this.. Jimat pun jimat :-) boleh la simpan duit u honeymoon nant.. follow you :-)

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