30 December 2011

Ways to Make Your Bedroom Relaxing

Currently almost one week on leave from work so I decide to decorate my bedroom starting from painting then buy a new bedroom set then additional things. So before that I wanted to share some useful idea and concept for bedroom, actually I like to get some idea from this site. Here we go the tips for you.


Bedrooms are vital parts of our home. According to the statistics, an average person is known to spend almost one third of his life in the bedroom. It is the place where you sleep every night, and forget about the world and the associated hustle and bustles. Therefore, it is very important to design the room in a soothing, comfortable and peaceful manner so that the room becomes a relaxing oasis, and one can get a peaceful relaxed sleep.

If you are confused of how to go about it, here are few valuable ideas to assist you make your bedroom relaxing and soothing retreat.

Go minimalistic – This is one of the effective as well as the cheapest ways to turn the bedroom into a personal retreat. Besides making the space appear smaller, clutter has been known to create a stressful environment. So, please clean out the area of all sorts of clutter, place the things at their appropriate places and keep the decoration to the minimal.

Loosen up the lighting – Proper lighting can break or make a calming environment. The lighting in the bedroom should always be soft and calm. While installing lights in the bedroom, consider fixtures that omit a soft and warm light. Low wattage bulbs with dimmer switches are always a trick, whereas candles are also good selections.

Consider wall paint carefully – there is nothing as effective as a fresh coat of paint to spruce the bedroom d├ęcor. Certain color shades infuse a feeling of relaxation in the room than others. Bright and busy patterns or colors should be completely avoided, instead hues that make you think of soothing moments and places should be selected. Light pink, blue, ivory, and ochre are some examples of hues that are excellent choices for the bedroom.

Get rid of distractive elements – if you wish to create your bedroom your sanctuary, you have to get rid of all sorts of distractive elements. This implies desktop/laptop is a big “no” in the bedroom. Many people prefer television in the bedroom, but televisions are also regarded as distractive elements. Miscellaneous things such as tickling clock should also be removed.

Personalize the room – Personalizing the bedroom will make you feel comfortable in the room. Few photographs of your loved ones can do the trick. However, ensure not to go overboard and limit the snap shots to two and three only.




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