22 December 2011

Ada orang terasa pulak

Al kisah ... I bukak je FB this morning then one of my friend post on her FB wall nak je capture screen tu about something related to my yesterday post here. She disagree x puas hati lah 2 kot or terasa kot about my statement actually I don't found any wrong statement in my post. But how you interpret my words it's depends on your's mind to read it. Every people have different thingking bak kata patah pepatah 'Rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain'. So entry ni just nak clear the view, if you read my blog, this one consider as my personal blog, so I can write or says anything that I like based on my rasa opinion. Tapi tu lah nak buat macam mana kan, terima je lah dengan hati yang terbuka, nak terasa ke nak marah ke or whatever terpulang to all reader, you all also are welcome to leave any comment to my post kalau berani nak suara kan face to face bukan nak perli-perli. Umur pun menjangkau 25 tahun just a week more je lagi, so behave like your age. Tapi kan terpulanglah nak suarakan pendapat jangan been caught by ISA sudah kan. Jangan lah nak terasa or perli-perli dengan post saya, this just a common entry je. Peace. Minta maaf bagi yang terasa atau tidak setuju dengan pendapat saya.


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